Meet Blake Lewis, Senior Account Executive at PadSplit

May 10, 2022

As the PadSplit Member and Host community has grown over the past four years, so has our team! From a handful of team members to a fully-distributed team across multiple continents, we’re proud of the team members who are helping us solve the affordable housing crisis.

We’ve kicked off a new series of employee spotlights to help you get to know the employees behind the keys.

Next up in the PadSplit Employee Spotlight Series: meet Blake Lewis, Senior Account Executive at PadSplit.

The PadSplit team is fully remote. Tell us where you’re based.

Atlanta, GA

When and why did you join the PadSplit team?

I joined the PadSplit team in July 2019 because I wanted the opportunity to do good and do well. I wanted to join a team full of compassionate, intelligent, and collaborative people.

What is your favorite PadSplit core value? Why?

High Integrity is my favorite core value because it involves honesty and morality. Before PadSplit, I’d been told that I’m honest to a fault, but with High Integrity, there is no such thing. More than anything, I want to work with good people, and that’s what having high integrity is all about.

Tell us what a day in the life of a Sales Executive at PadSplit looks like.

Each day, I work with prospective Hosts, including first-time investors and seasoned institutional investors through every stage of the sales process. Some of my clients are just getting started and don’t know much about PadSplit. Others are working on bringing on their 50th or even 200th PadSplit. Sometimes this means discovery calls pitching PadSplit or conversations around specific properties’ potential for PadSplit. I also spend a lot of time following up with clients throughout their journey toward listing on our platform. I love showing investors how they can do good and do well with PadSplit.

What are you working on that you are most excited about? Why?

I’m most excited about helping grow PadSplit’s footprint to more metro areas. In 2021, we launched in 8 new markets, and I want to keep working towards providing affordable and accessible housing for our workforce, one room at a time.

How do you stay engaged with your team in a remote environment? What does collaboration look like in a remote environment?

Our Sales team is lucky enough to have in-person meetings every quarter, and we also meet in smaller groups at conferences. Remotely, we like to find ways to laugh and get to know each other outside of a work capacity. I love when my co-workers open up about their lives outside of work, and I enjoy sharing mine as well. Whether it’s living vicariously through the travels of one teammate on our Slack channel or having them encourage me through a competitive tennis season, we are here for each other despite the distance.

In our weekly All Hands meeting as an ice breaker, we ask new employees to share two truths and a lie about themselves for the team to guess. Let’s play with you. Tell us two truths and a lie about yourself.

I’ve been on the cover of a magazine, a book, and a newspaper. 

Thanks for sharing more about what you do, Blake! Stay connected with Blake and PadSplit on LinkedIn. 

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Psst: Blake has been on the front page of a newspaper and book cover. No magazine cover feature (yet). Did you guess correctly?

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