From Ybor to Lutz: PadSplit will Change the Way You Think About Tampa Off-Campus Student Housing

May 27, 2022

Well done! You’ve successfully checked off most of the boxes in the college admissions process and now find yourself headed to college. A bit nervous? No doubt. As you count down the days until classes begin, the matter of student housing may still be unresolved. Perhaps you haven’t found the right location for your unique needs or, like thousands of other students, you’ve discovered that your school has a housing shortage. As you explore Tampa’s off-campus options, you’ll find that the PadSplit alternative can relieve some of the stress.

From historic Ybor to upscale Lutz and all points in between, the area holds incredible student housing opportunities, making this the perfect time to find a safe, convenient, and affordable home.

Need an Alternative to Dorm Life?

Dorm life isn’t for everyone. Despite some benefits, dorm living comes with potential drawbacks to consider before opting in. They aren’t known for spacious accommodations, and privacy is hard to come by since most dorm residents have at least one roommate. And when you need to concentrate, you’ll find that dorm life is often noisy and a bit…active.

When you live off-campus, you control the amount of interaction you want and when you want it—all from the comfort of your own space.

Need Proximity to Tampa’s Vibrant Extracurricular Scene?

Find the best location for off-campus student housing in Tampa.
Find the best location for off-campus student housing in Tampa.

Half the fun of school is living in a college town and becoming part of the city. You’ll quickly discover why so many call Tampa the City of Champions. “Champa” has it all: sports, food, unique neighborhoods, activities, and culture. And you’re just minutes away from some of the most amazing beaches in the world. With the downtown area going through an ambitious redevelopment, Tampa is considered one of the greatest cities in the nation. And here’s a bonus: Tampa’s cost of living is still comparatively low.

On a Budget?

          Students must account for more than tuition when planning for college and, as you plan your budget, one of the major components is housing cost. You’ll find that temporary housing includes much more than monthly rent—other expenses include down payments, security deposits, and utilities. And in times of inflation, trying to find an affordable lease for less than a full year is not easy. In today’s volatile rental market, prices are skyrocketing, and many complexes require at least a one-year commitment with a security deposit and the first month’s rent paid in advance. PadSplit eliminates those barriers for its members. Plus, unlike traditional rentals, utility costs are included in the price.  

Need WiFi and Other Amenities?

Your PadSplit host ensures that your room is move-in ready. Your payments—known as membership dues—cover your room as well as associated services. You can expect necessary utilities, including Wi-Fi, to be up and running from the start.

You’ll also receive free access to Teladoc, a virtual health care company that allows you to talk to a doctor, therapist, or medical expert anywhere by phone or video. Once your free account is set up, there’s always an expert available to help. Check out the Member Perks page to explore Teladoc and other free and discounted benefits.

Busy members appreciate the ability to do laundry on-site. Now, more than ever, it’s essential to emphasize sanitation and hygiene. While members are responsible for keeping their own residence a clean and safe environment, many PadSplit locations also provide a once-monthly deep-cleaning service targeting collective, shared areas.

Students need to travel light, so each cozy PadSplit room comes already furnished with a bed and nightstand, making move-in a snap. Give your room a touch of home by bringing your own linen, artwork, and minimal kitchen supplies to ensure additional comfort and to further establish that familiar atmosphere. Stash your stuff in the room’s convenient storage space.

Need Flexibility?

Tampa Off-campus Student Housing with private rooms, shared common spaces, and utilities included.
Tampa Off-campus Student Housing with private rooms, shared common spaces, and utilities included.

          Sometimes students need to pull up stakes after a semester. PadSplit helps provide the best of both worlds—low down payments and an affordable rent structure make temporary off-campus living accessible to transitory students. Plus, members can stay for as long as they need after their initial month, with payments made on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Because PadSplit eliminates security deposits, you won’t have the accounting hassles associated with keeping track of what’s been paid toward and what’s been returned from multiple—and expensive—security deposits.

Need a Ride?

Your free time is precious and the last thing you need is to spend it stuck in traffic. That’s why PadSplit residences are close to public transportation. Additionally, PadSplit’s proximity to numerous schools makes for convenient commutes. Some PadSplit residences have specified space for vehicle parking, but if you’re not bringing a vehicle, Tampa Metro offers many alternatives that include buses, zipcars, bike and walking trails—and even streetcars. 

Need Freedom?

Your schedule is anything but static, and you’ll want secure 24/7 access to your residence, something that most dorms don’t offer. To ensure you feel at ease with your future housemates as you come and go, you and your neighbors are subject to background checks, helping ease your mind about just who your housemates are. Information collected during the application process is used to determine eligibility for membership at PadSplit and applicants must meet certain criteria for consideration. There is a small fee to cover a background check, and you can upload your pay stubs for almost instant approval. Straightforward membership rules remind PadSplit guests that their comfort depends on following high standards set by PadSplit’s governing body: Covering everything from guest policy to vehicle parking, clearly stated membership rules leave no room for ambiguity, which ensures members enjoy a well-regulated community from day one.

PadSplit is seeking kind, independent, responsible, and respectful members who are open to living in a safe, shared community — and who also know that security is key to making that a success. At PadSplit, member welfare is a top priority. You’ll appreciate that, for security purposes and to keep access limited and privacy ensured, the addresses and lock codes for PadSplit homes are withheld until a member’s move-in day. On move-in day, you’ll receive a welcome email from PadSplit. This email will include your address, newly created front door code, and information about your private room door lock. This information will also appear on your convenient member dashboard.

Need Options?

Want to unlock the PadSplit advantage? Becoming a PadSplit member is easy! Once approved, you can search for rental rooms, secure your booking, and move in—usually within 48 hours. Not surprisingly, demand is high for PadSplit facilities, but we’re continually scouting new and convenient student housing to build, renovate, or design. Take a peek at what’s available and planned in the Tampa area and use the drop-downs to find the living arrangement right for you.

You’re sure to find something that suits your needs.

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