Joseph only pays $800/mo for housing, saving enough to buy a car

May 22, 2024

Joseph, 30, discovered PadSplit through an online search drawn by the prime locations and affordable pricing. Now, five months into his stay, he works at a printing company called MPG and couldn’t be happier with his living situation.

“Everyone is so nice, I’ve never had a problem,” he shares.

This positive environment is a stark contrast to his previous living arrangement, where he paid $1,600 a month with his girlfriend. With PadSplit, Joseph only pays $800 a month, allowing him to save significantly more each month.

Originally from New Jersey and raised in Pennsylvania, Joseph moved to North Carolina for a relationship that ultimately didn’t work out. Despite the personal setback, his job in the state meant he needed to find an affordable place to stay. PadSplit provided the perfect solution.

“If I wasn’t able to find a place, I’d have to stay here because of my job. With PadSplit, I’ve been able to save everything I’ve earned.”

Purchasing a Toyota Corolla

Thanks to the cost savings, Joseph managed to save enough for a down payment on a 2018 Toyota Corolla. “I decided to save more than at my prior place, put a down payment down for a car, and now I’m looking to trade it in for a Subaru. I’ll pay off half the car, then pay it off completely.”

One of the best parts of his PadSplit experience has been the community. “I’ve been able to form friendships with every single one of them; they all welcomed me to the house with open arms,” he says. The affordability and various locations of PadSplit homes have also impressed him. “It’s all about that price – you can move on and save more money. You guys have the best affordable living rates, even in Tampa, Florida – it’s $195/room.”

“I can call this home.”

Living at PadSplit has simplified his life. “It’s so much better than having to worry about an electric bill, internet bill, all the bills in the house in one price – it’s fine by me!”

He appreciates the support from the PadSplit team, particularly the helpful and understanding staff. “She’s been here through thick and thin – she’s said if we need anything, she can get down and help us. She’s just a really nice woman, very understandable.”

Looking ahead, Joseph plans to continue saving until he can move into an apartment or relocate to another state. For now, PadSplit is home. “I can call this my home for the moment. I am happy with the house and would not change anything about it.”

Joseph’s journey underscores the impact of affordable, community-focused living options like PadSplit, which enable individuals to save money, build relationships, and work towards their future goals.

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