How Edna found community in retirement through PadSplit

July 02, 2024

At 74, Edna faced a life-altering transition she never anticipated. After spending her entire life in the bustling energy of Southern California, she found herself in Georgia. This choice wasn’t driven by wanderlust or retirement dreams but by a mother’s love and an unexpected tragedy.

“I’ve come to settle in Georgia because it’s much slower than California,” Edna shares. “But not having a vehicle makes it difficult to get around, and I don’t know anyone here. People live far away from each other, so it’s been hard to form connections.”

Edna had moved to Georgia to be closer to her son during his illness. Tragically, his passing left her not only grieving but also adrift in an unfamiliar place. The vibrant community she once knew in California felt like a distant memory as she grappled with loneliness and the challenge of starting over in her seventies.

A new beginning

For years, Edna worked at Southern California Edison in document control. Now, she navigated a very different landscape in Georgia—one of private rentals and unfamiliar neighborhoods.

“I’ve been renting private rooms from landlords,” Edna explains, “but it wasn’t always as affordable or as nice as I hoped.” Her fixed income and the need for a place that feels like home compounded Edna’s struggle to find affordable housing.

A turning point with PadSplit

During this challenging time, an acquaintance told Edna about PadSplit. The concept immediately resonated with her needs and situation.

“What attracted me to PadSplit was the price,” Edna says. “It’s something I could afford because I’m on a fixed income, and the fact that I could have my privacy was important.”

PadSplit provided Edna with more than just an affordable room. It offered her a fully furnished space, a convenient location, and, unexpectedly, a sense of community she had been missing. The cozy room came at a price she could handle, giving her breathing room to sort out her finances and pay off some bills.

Finding friendship and support

The most significant benefit for Edna was the companionship she found. “I like my PadMates; they are very nice,” she says warmly. “I’ve had time to get to know them, and we all get along well.” This sense of community was crucial for Edna, helping her navigate her grief and adjust to her new life in Georgia.

Being close to essential spots like her doctor’s office and the supermarket has made life much easier. “The location was convenient because it allowed me to easily get to my doctor’s office,” Edna explains. She used Lyft or Uber to get around, appreciating that everything she needed was nearby.

The support extended beyond just her housemates. “I was very pleased with my host,” Edna adds. “The repairs were always quickly made when I submitted maintenance requests.”

A lasting impact

Although Edna has since moved to a senior living facility, her year with PadSplit left a lasting positive impression. Looking back on her time with PadSplit, Edna is grateful for the support and comfort it brought her. From the fully furnished room to the quick-fix maintenance requests, she felt she was cared for.

“It’s been a really rewarding experience,” says Edna. “If needed, I would consider moving into a PadSplit again.” Even in her new living situation, Edna misses aspects of her PadSplit experience, noting that her current residence has less furniture or the same sense of community.

“PadSplit helped me out a great deal.”

Edna’s journey with PadSplit is a powerful reminder that it’s never too late to start anew. At 74, when many might have given up, she found the strength to rebuild her life, with PadSplit playing a crucial role in her transition.

“PadSplit helped me out a great deal,” Edna concludes, her gratitude evident. Her story inspires, showing how the right living situation can be a stepping stone through life’s most challenging transitions, regardless of age.

Edna’s journey exemplifies how PadSplit can be a transformative solution for seniors and their families facing housing challenges. It’s more than just an affordable place to live. It provides a platform for seniors to thrive, create new connections, and maintain their independence—crucial factors for aging adults navigating life’s transitions.

For elderly individuals seeking a fresh start or families exploring housing options for their aging loved ones, PadSplit emerges as a compelling choice. It offers a roof over one’s head and a chance to belong, grow, and find comfort in a supportive community. Edna’s experience illuminates how PadSplit can be a beacon of hope, proving that it’s never too late to find a place to call home and start anew.

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