5 rental property kitchen countertop options

March 17, 2023

Whether you own a short-term, long-term, paying guest, or co-living rental, the materials you have in your property matter. You want maintenance-free, durable, and aesthetically pleasing spaces. Suitable materials will reduce maintenance and repair costs, increasing your ROI.

If your rental is not a co-living space, you can see how much more you could earn with a co-living renovation to your rental property with this calculator.

Creating a co-living kitchen

In a co-living space, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the rental. This room is where people gather, plan, and get to know each other. The right countertops in your rental property’s kitchen could make or break the room. Here are five options for rental property kitchen countertops. 

1. Granite countertops are durable but require sealing

When considering premium, durable, and beautiful kitchen countertops, granite is often the first choice. It is an excellent choice with options in many colors and an easy-to-clean surface. Granite countertops can transform your rental property kitchen into a room where people want to be. 

Another positive of granite countertops is that they are very heat resistant. Combined with excellent scratch resistance, they are a great durable choice for rental properties.

One thing to remember with granite countertops is that they require proper sealing. Without adequate sealing, they can become porous and possibly stain. Granite countertops are tough but can chip if something is dropped on the edges.

2. Quartz countertops as an alternative to granite

Quartz countertops are very similar in appearance and quality to granite countertops. However, there are two main differences between granite countertops and quartz.

Quartz countertops are not porous and do not need to be sealed like granite but are susceptible to heat damage. A hot pot or pan placed on the countertop could damage them. Also, quartz countertops are harder than granite countertops, making them slightly more durable. 

Just like granite, they come in various pleasing colors and add great visual appeal to kitchens. With similar prices between quartz and granite countertops, the decision will come down to looks and if you prefer heat-resistant (granite) or nonporous (quartz) countertops.

3. Solid surface countertops are affordable and repairable.

Acrylic solid surface countertops are more affordable than granite or quartz but can offer some of the same benefits. Solid surface countertops are nonporous, like quartz, so there is no need to worry about staining. Solid-surface countertops can be patterned, single-color, or made to look like granite.

Solid surface countertops are less durable than either quartz or granite countertops. However, unlike other countertops, they can be sanded to repair most damage. If the solid surface countertops in your rental property are scratched or burned, they can be repaired rather than replaced.

4. Tile countertops require some maintenance.

Tile countertops are more affordable than the previous three countertops mentioned for transforming your rental property into a desirable co-living space. Ceramic tile is durable and scratch resistant. The options range in shape and various solid and patterned colors. 

If tile countertops are damaged, a single tile can be cut out and replaced rather than replacing the entire countertop. It may be wise to have a few spare tiles left over from the initial installation so it will be easy to replace if damage does happen.

The drawback to tile countertops is the grout lines. These can wear out and get dirty over time. A way to lessen this drawback in a rental property is choosing a darker-colored grout line and sealing them properly. If grout lines get damaged over time, the grout can be removed and repaired.

5. Laminate countertops have a short lifespan.

Laminate countertops are similar to solid surface but even more affordable and less durable. They have a short lifespan, so consider how long your space will remain a rental before installing these countertops. 

While they are easy to install, they are not heat resistant and may suffer from delamination over time. These countertops are also difficult to repair, so you will likely install all new ones if damaged. The lower upfront costs of these countertops may not offset future repairs and the headache of installing new countertops.

Choose the right countertop for your rental property.

Maintenance-free, durable, and good-looking materials are the best choice for renovating a kitchen in a long-term rental. All countertops have pros and cons, but if you plan to rent your property long-term, it is best to pay for a more durable countertop.

If you have any questions, PadSplit’s network of vendors can help you decide which countertops would work best in your co-living kitchen. While considering the price of material versus durability, think about the costs of maintenance/repairs. Keeping repair and maintenance to a minimum is critical to consistent returns from your rental property. If you want even higher profits, consider becoming a co-living host with PadSplit.

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