9 Things to Know Before Moving to Dallas-Fort Worth

August 22, 2022

Texas has it all: Wide-open spaces. Cosmopolitan living. Exciting career opportunities. World-class hospitality. Attractive cost of living. Affordable housing.

If you’re considering a move to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, you’ll discover even more reasons to love Texas. With friendly people, professional sports teams, leading educational facilities, thriving entertainment and cultural scene, and jobs fueled by the energy and health industries, millions are proud to call Dallas-Fort Worth their home. As you investigate the advantages of Dallas-Fort Worth, explore these nine reasons why thousands of families and individuals move to the area every year.

1.  Cost of living

When Best Places to Live researched the cost of living across the United States, they reported that Dallas-Fort Worth compared favorably to other large cities with affordable housing, making the metroplex a great place to put down roots. Texas is one of nine states that doesn’t levy income tax, saving workers approximately 4-12% on the money they earn and keeping your salary where you need it most—in your own pocket.

2.  Jobs 

When you think of Dallas-Fort Worth, you may envision oil derricks, cowboys, and bar-b-que. But while the energy industry and hearty foods do remain an important part of the local economy, the multiplex has diversified far beyond its oil patch and cowpoke roots.

         According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s home to some of the largest workforces in the nation’s major industries—many of them Fortune 500 companies—including health services, education, and finance. With demand for workers surpassing supply, it’s no wonder aspiring professionals and students are flocking to Dallas-Fort Worth to tap into its many opportunities.  

3.  Colleges

Did you know that the expansive Dallas-Fort Worth metro area houses almost a quarter of the public and private colleges and universities in Texas? As you review a list of higher education institutions and their rankings, you’ll understand why moving to the area as a student is a solid decision. 

4.  Sports 

Sports in Dallas: watch or engage!
Sports in Dallas: watch or engage!

There’s nothing like being in a stadium, rink, field, court, or track to experience the thrill of attending sporting events. The Dallas Cowboys (NFL), Dallas Stars (NHL), Dallas Mavericks (NBA), FC Dallas (MLS), Texas Rangers (MLB), as well as NASCAR and Indy racing, give residents and visitors lots of options for cheering their favorite teams and enjoying the excitement of live sports. Do you prefer a more individual sporting experience? The Dallas-Fort Worth area boasts over 200 golf courses.  

5.  Housing

After a two-year boom, the Texas housing market is tapering off, giving homebuyers more selections and better prices. But in Dallas-Fort Worth, where job growth is high and residential inventory remains on the low side, finding affordable housing is still a challenge, especially for renters.

Now there’s a third alternative for anyone seeking affordable housing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Made possible by convenient, furnished PadSplit rooms, you can create your own housing experience—all while satisfying your own preferences and budget.

6.  PadSplit

PadSplit has a variety of affordable housing options in Dallas.
PadSplit has a variety of affordable housing options in Dallas.

PadSplit’s business model allows residents and renters to stay in newly converted homes and apartments with housemates at rates far less than traditional rental or leased housing—just the thing for students, young professionals, and temporarily assigned workers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

After an initial rent payment, you’ll become a PadSplit member and realize that a tastefully furnished room, plenty of storage space, and a clean, attractive common area with trustworthy housemates meet all your affordable housing needs. By combining the economy of shared housing with the privacy of single-occupancy rooms, PadSplit co-living is the perfect setup. Members enjoy paying just one bill each week to cover a room, all utilities, internet/Wi-Fi, and free credit reporting. PadSplit furnishes the residences to make them feel like home. Bringing your own linen, artwork, and basic kitchen supplies can add additional comfort and further establish a welcome touch of the familiar. There are even on-site laundry facilities and a once-monthly cleaning service targeting collective, shared areas.

And for those just starting out, applicants don’t need a minimum credit score or big security deposit to be approved for membership. PadSplit’s no-lease, weekly payment arrangement kicks in after a 30-day minimum commitment, after which weekly stay options become available.

Another valuable financial PadSplit perk is that PadSplit automatically reports membership payments, helping members build credit histories and financial footprint. Through a partnership with leading financial technology platform Esusu, 95% of PadSplit members have seen an increase in their credit scores. Not only that— members save an average of $420 a month—that’s cash-in-hand to pay off debt or apply toward other expenses or future goals.

More savings come in the form of members’ free access to Teladoc, a virtual health care company that allows them to talk to a doctor, therapist, or medical expert anywhere by phone or video. Once the free account is set up, there’s always an expert available to help. Check out the Member Perks page to explore Teladoc and other free and discounted benefits.

7.  Transportation

Not only does PadSplit provide comfortable and affordable room rentals, it has established residences at convenient locations across the metroplex. When you compare a map of PadSplits to major employers, colleges, and public transportation hubs, you’ll discover that PadSplit has done the research for you. The metroplex is in the center of the United States, making it easy to navigate into and out of, as well as get around during your stay.

         Dallas-Fort Worth is perfect for the many PadSplit members who decide not to own automobiles. Buses and trains make it a snap to connect to the places you need to go, and in the most efficient manner possible. Discover employers, great destinations, and hidden gems near rail stations and bus stops across Dallas with DART. Like to walk or have a bike? It could be that you have an eco-friendly alternative to get to work. 

8.  Recreation

The area’s temperate climate makes Dallas-Fort Worth ideal for easy commutes and offers PadSplit members countless recreational opportunities. From the Fort Worth Stockyards and Six Flags and renowned cultural amenities like the Morton Meyerson Symphony Center, the Kimbell Art Museum, the Dallas Museum of Art, the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, and more, you’ll find plenty to do, and reliable transportation conditions get you where you want to be.

9.  Entertainment

PadSplit members enjoy Dallas-Fort Worth’s many entertainment opportunities located near their neighborhoods or through an easy outing. It could be that your out-of-town visitors take advantage of PadSplit’s attractive short-stay policy and enjoy the same flexibility and convenience you do on vacation. 

Sold on Dallas-Fort Worth?

Since 2017, PadSplit has provided safe and affordable housing in an ever-expanding market. Take a moment now to consider the ways that PadSplit can help you appreciate the Dallas-Fort Worth advantage. Membership is easy, and once approved, you can search for rental rooms, secure your booking, and move in—usually within 48 hours.

Not surprisingly, demand is high for PadSplit affordable housing and they continually scout new and convenient sites to build, renovate, or design a home that’s just right for you.

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