10 Fun Facts About Atlanta

August 17, 2020

At PadSplit, we’re proud to call Atlanta home.

We love it for its big city appeal with small-town charm. Atlanta also has a lot to offer. It’s a diverse city with a huge economy that’s home to multiple Fortune 500 companies and small, local businesses. It has a robust cultural scene that offers something for everyone. So, whether you’re considering moving here or already home, here are 10 fun facts about Atlanta. ‍

1. Atlanta is home to the world’s busiest airport

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. In 2019, 110.5 million passengers came through its gates. It serves as a hub for Delta airlines and international flights that connect the U.S. with countries across the Atlantic Ocean.

2. There is only one Peachtree Street

But there are over 70 drives, avenues, and lanes with a variation of the word “Peachtree” in their name. However, there aren’t really any peach trees in Atlanta. Many historians believe “Peachtree” is a corruption of “pitch tree,” an 18th century local term for a pine tree. Atlanta is surrounded by pine tree forests. ‍

3. Coca-Cola, the world’s most famous soda was invented and founded in Atlanta.

In 1886, Atlanta pharmacist, Dr. John S. Pemberton, created the distinctive soft drink we all know. Today, Coca-Cola still calls Atlanta home. Locals and tourists alike can visit the World of Coca Cola near Centennial Olympic Park to learn all about the company and sample its products from around the globe.

4. The Varsity is an Atlanta landmark.

It’s the world’s largest and busiest drive-in restaurant. Every day, it serves over 2 miles of hot dogs, 2,500 pounds of potatoes, and 300 gallons of chili. The Varsity also serves more Coca-Cola by volume than anywhere else in the world.

5. Did you know Georgia ranks third in the nation for US film production and first for growth?

It’s true. It’s also the reason Atlanta is known as the “Hollywood of the South.” Black Panther, Spider Man, and the Avengers were all filmed in or near Atlanta. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In 2018, 455 television shows and movies were produced in Georgia.

6. The Bank of America Plaza stands

At 1,023 feet tall and is the tallest building in the U.S. outside of New York and Chicago. It’s the tallest building in any U.S. State capital and 125th tallest building in the world.

7. Movies aren’t the only artistic industry in Atlanta.

The city also has a thriving music scene and is considered the capital of hip hop. Ludacris, Usher, Monica, Jermaine Dupri, Ray Charles, T. I., Gucci Mane, and 2 Chainz are just a handful of the artists that call Atlanta home.

8. Atlanta is also a food lover’s paradise.

The Atlanta restaurant scene reflects the diversity of its people. You can find everything from fresh takes on southern cuisine to every type of Asian cuisine along the Buford Highway and everything in between. That’s why Atlanta is considered the foodie capital of the American South.

9. Film, music, and food aren’t the only cultural scenes in Atlanta.

The city also has a bustling, trending arts industry. It’s home to over 15 art museums, 26 design schools, and hosts art shows and galleries nearly every weekend. If you love art, you’ll love Atlanta.

10. Atlanta is one of the few cities that has a professional team for almost every sport.

It’s home to the Falcons (NFL), Braves (MLB), Hawks (NBA), United FC (MLS), Dream (WNBA), Swarm (NLL), and Rugby ATL (MLR). And those are just the professional teams! The city is also home to the Georgia Tech and Georgia State college sports teams. ‍‍ Interested in learning more about PadSplit and how we can help you find an affordable room for rent in Atlanta? Apply today.

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