3 of the Best Free Fitness Apps

September 02, 2020

Want to work on your fitness but don’t want to break the bank on a gym membership? You’re not alone. The average gym membership costs between $30 and $100 a month. That’s $360 to $1,200 per year which is a hit to any budget. Specialty fitness centers like yoga studios, crossfit gyms, or boot camps can cost even more. ‍ Fortunately, there are a ton of great, free fitness apps out there for you to get your workout on without spending a dime. Here are some of our favorites. ‍

3 Free Fitness Apps We Love


‍ Take fitness classes from celebrity trainers for free? Yes, please! That’s what FitOn offers. Stream a wide variety of celebrity trainer-led workouts on your phone, tablet, or TV. Available workouts include cardio, HIIT, strength training, barre, dance, yoga, and Pilates. They even have pre- and post-pregnancy workouts available. Most of them are under 30 minutes and don’t require any fitness equipment. ‍ After you sign up, the app creates a custom workout schedule and menu based on your personal goals. But, you can also browse all workouts based on type, target area, intensity, and duration. ‍ FitOn is great for solo or group workouts. You can virtually workout with any friends who also have the app. You can even compete against each other in FitOn’s weekly and monthly fitness challenge. ‍ With FitOn, you get all the above for free. They also offer free fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness advice on their blog. ‍ This app is basically your on-demand gym and personal trainer. ‍ FitOn is available on iOS and Android. ‍ They have an optional paid membership, FitOn Pro, that costs $69.99 per year. That’s just $5.83 per month.

Nike Run Club

‍ If FitOn is the gym in your pocket, Nike Run Club (NRC) is your digital running coach. Whether you want to start running or have been running for years, NRC has what you need to reach your goals. ‍ NRC’s features include access to guided runs from elite athletes, training runs, training schedules, friendly competitions, and streaming music for your runs. You can also map your routes and log your shoe mileage, so you know when they need to be replaced. ‍ The best part about NRC is you don’t need anything other than yourself and a pair of running shoes. ‍ After you sign up, the app helps you create a custom run schedule and curates workouts based on your personal goals. You can also use NRC’s “Quick Start” feature to start and log a run based on type, intensity, and duration. ‍ NRC is a great way to log your runs, train, and connect with other runners. The app has an active community where you can connect with friends or other users. Then, you can invite them to compete in any one of NRC’s weekly or monthly challenges.
‍ NRC also offers free coaching and nutrition advice. ‍ NRC is available on iOS and Android.


‍ Interested in strength training? The Jefit app is for you. Download it and join over 8.8 million users who use this amazing app to help build muscle. ‍ Jefit’s features include access to over 1,300 strength training exercises. You can search and filter by goals like fat loss, day splits or bodyweight. You can also search by target areas like biceps, triceps, hamstrings, or glutes. ‍ When you sign up, the app helps you create a custom workout plan based on your personal goals. Then use Jefit’s tracking tools to monitor your progress, log body stats, and earn points. During workouts, use the app to set rep and rest timers. In between workouts, read Jefit’s blog for tips and tricks to build strength and muscle mass. ‍ Jefit provides everything you need to build muscle. All you need is yourself and the weights. ‍ Jefit is available for iOS and Android. ‍ They have an Elite paid membership that costs $6.99 per month but you can save over 50% when you sign up for an annual membership. Jefit’s Elite Yearly membership is just $39.99 which equals only $3.33 per month.

Reaching your fitness goals doesn’t have to be expensive. These are just 3 of the many free apps available to help you reach your goals.

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