How PadSplit handles vacancies

March 22, 2023

When you’ve got a vacant rental property, you’ll feel the pressure to fill it fast—you might even overlook some red flags of potential renters just so you can get back on track with your monthly income.

With PadSplit’s win-win method, multiple people get an affordable place to live within the community, while hosts relieve some of the pressure they feel when trying to fill a room. Plus, they’ll collect an even higher monthly income than they would if they were renting a single-family home. 

With PadSplit, relying on the income of one renter is a thing of the past. Because you’re hosting multiple members, the vacancy of one room doesn’t feel as much like a colossal loss. With other rooms being rented, you’ll still be generating income, which means you can take your time finding just the right person to fill the room. 

Another benefit of teaming up with PadSplit is that we take care of extra details and to-dos that you don’t have the time or energy to deal with. Members renting from your property have a direct line to the PadSplit team that they can communicate with 24-7 to feel supported and heard on topics like disputes and maintenance issues.

The team also helps find and vet applications so you can feel confident about hosting members who are responsible, respectful, and pay rent on time. PadSplit boasts an impressive 80% occupancy rate and an average member stay of 8 months. 

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