Try the PadSplit earnings calculator

March 14, 2023

Being a PadSplit host gives you the opportunity to maximize your passive income earnings through co-living. Rather than relying entirely on one single-family unit for cash flow, you’ll have the flexibility to fill empty rooms one at a time, without sacrificing a full month of income. 

Try the PadSplit earnings calculator

Based on the number of bedrooms for rent in your space and the local market you’re in, you can use the PadSplit earnings calculator to find out just how much monthly income you’ll get—give it a try here

PadSplit factors in all those extra expenses into the calculator, like vacant rooms, property taxes, contract services, insurance, and more. Once you’ve filled out all the details about your space, PadSplit maps out your net operating income and an earnings comparison to show how it stacks up against a traditional rental property. 

Review the numbers 

The PadSplit calculator is an easy, straightforward way to understand the earnings your property could make. As much as we want you to join our community, we also want you to benefit as much as possible from your rental property and collect an income you feel good about. That’s why we’ve created a calculator that offers an unbiased review of your property, so you can weigh the pros and cons with objective data. This easy-to-understand calculator and chart give you the facts—we’ll leave the decision up to you. 

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