A Success Story: PadSplit Member, Azubuike, Co-Founds NeuBite

January 23, 2024

Azubuike Akunne, a 31-year-old transportation technology professional in Houston, Texas, found himself at a crossroads when his downtown apartment lease ended in 2022. Faced with the decision of committing to another long-term lease or exploring unconventional living arrangements, he discovered PadSplit while seeking a room rental.

Living in a New Part of the City Without a Lease

Reflecting on his room rental experience, Azubuike emphasizes, “The benefits were I wasn’t on a lease, I got to be in a new part of Houston, which broadened my horizon on the city, and it was a low price.” This newfound flexibility with his room rental allowed him to step into new territories in Houston, exploring neighborhoods he might not have considered visiting.

Azubuike felt PadSplit’s room rental platform was a breath of fresh air, especially as he wasn’t tied down by a lease. Embracing the affordability that PadSplit offered with the room rental, Azubuike enjoyed the financial freedom to invest his savings in art supplies for his passion as a visual artist.

Using His PadSplit Savings for an Art Exhibit

During his stay in his PadSplit room rental in Houston, Texas, Azubuike maximized the cost savings to invest in his artistic endeavors, resulting in an exhibition of his original metal artwork titled “Pieces of Being” at the Bisong Art Gallery.

PadSplit not only provided financial benefits but also facilitated the transition when Azubuike decided it was time for a more long-term living situation. He notes, “PadSplit was easy. I didn’t have to break a long-term contract, the cleanup was easy, and it was a decent transition.” The platform’s flexibility allowed him to seamlessly move into his next chapter without the hassles of breaking a lease.

Azubuike expresses his appreciation for his room rental by saying, “Everyone in a PadSplit is here with good intentions. People are coming from all walks of life, just trying to put their heads down and work toward their goals.”

Azubuike Co-Founds NeuBite and Wins First Place

Azubuike is now the co-founder of NeuBite, which transforms vending machines by enabling SNAP/EBT acceptance, addressing food insecurity, and empowering operators for financial inclusivity.

Azubuike recently showcased NeuBite to a group of esteemed community and business leaders in Columbus, Ohio. Their mission was to recognize businesses in the King-Lincoln district (Bronzeville) dedicated to fostering economic development in the region.

NeuBite secured first place, an achievement validating the strength of its business model and messaging.

“The funds obtained will propel our software development efforts, aiming to launch our mobile-EBT payment solution into the market,” says Azubuike.

To learn more about NeuBite, visit shopneubite.com. To become a PadSplit Member and pay 40-50% less than traditional housing, visit PadSplit.com today.

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