PadSplit’s Low Rates Allow Jordan To Attend School in Florida

March 25, 2024

In September 2023, Jordan relocated to Florida, quickly realizing how high the rent was throughout the state. Armed with faith and a need for mid-term housing, he discovered PadSplit through an academic advisor. At the time, he wasn’t expecting just how much the housing solution would become a vital element in his life as he navigated living in various cities due to job and lifestyle changes.

“I came down here to get involved with the ministry, to study and learn how to integrate ministry into my everyday life,” says Jordan.

Jordan seamlessly transitioned to multiple PadSplit homes

Initially drawn to PadSplit for its affordability and flexibility, Jordan soon realized the true value lay in its adaptability to his evolving lifestyle and job changes. From Zephyrhills to Newport Richie, St. Pete to Tampa, he seamlessly transferred between PadSplit homes, each time finding comfort and convenience in the process. PadSplit allows members to easily move to different residences at any time for added convenience and accommodation.

Enrolling at River University in Tampa, Jordan not only pursued academic goals but also forged lasting connections with new friends who became roommates. Thanks to the strategic locations of his PadSplit accommodations, his work, which involved travel to different Boys & Girls Clubs and attendance at a church in Hillsborough County, became more manageable.

One standout feature for Jordan was PadSplit’s thorough background checks, which provided a sense of security. The diversity of backgrounds among PadSplit members further enriched his experience, allowing him to build a network of connections that extended beyond housing.

Sharing living spaces with individuals from various walks of life, including a traveling doctor, exposed Jordan to different perspectives. Each PadSplit residence boasted attractive features – from newly furnished spaces to modern kitchens – making the adjustment to new environments comfortable and enjoyable. 

In addition to the practical benefits, Jordan values the human connections forged through PadSplit. At one point, he reached out to a roommate named Myra when she was going through a difficult time, providing support and direction. Their bond remains strong, and they continue to stay in touch.

Saving more money as a student with PadSplit

“PadSplit helped me save money,” says Jordan. “The first time I moved into a PadSplit I paid little to nothing, and it was extra help. It comes in handy.”

Jordan moved to Florida from Atlanta in August for a church commitment and credits PadSplit with providing stability during this transition. PadSplit’s numerous options with the rooms available helped him quickly establish a foothold in each new city, facilitating an easier adjustment to his surroundings.

For Jordan, Florida isn’t just a place to live; it’s an opportunity for ministry. He actively participates in a church in St. Petersburg, blending his studies with a mission to incorporate ministry into his everyday life.

He is excited about the launch of The House Of Glory, a new church in the St. Pete community that he plans to attend.

Future plans to use PadSplit while traveling

Looking ahead, Jordan plans to continue using PadSplit in different cities when he travels, appreciating the reliability and support the platform offers. He emphasizes the importance of having a place with personal space.

Jordan’s positive experience with PadSplit includes both tangible and intangible benefits—the feeling of being heard, the sense of community, and the ease of transition into a new city. As he settles into his current residence in Tampa, Jordan looks back on his journey with gratitude for the role PadSplit played in helping him progress in establishing a foundation for his future.

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