After becoming disabled and homeless, Quantia can now afford housing

May 08, 2024

​In 2021, ​Quantia moved from Kentucky to Florida to support her son as he ventured into entrepreneurship. 

After enduring hardships that included homelessness and living ​i​n a shady weekly stay hotel, Quantia discovered PadSplit. She moved into her PadSplit home in Tampa in July 2023, and it marked a ​new chapter for her after working at Walmart for 12 years. She describes finding PadSplit as a ​”Godsend,​” providing her with a place she could afford on her disability income​ while being close to her son.

“I love Tampa​, and I love the fact that PadSplit accepted me and helped me find my current home. With my disability, I have several doctors​ nearby.​ For the first time in a long time, my life is stable.”

Finding community with PadSplit

For Quantia, her PadSplit isn’t just a roof over her head; it’s a sanctuary where she feels “safe and supported.” Her roommates are more than just housemates; they are friends who look out for each other, creating a close-knit community. 

​”My roommates and I, we look out for each other. It’s perfect.”

Her host, Fred, ​also plays a big part in making her feel at home​. When she first moved in, her room was too cold for her, and Fred promptly provided her with a heater. He also routinely goes above and beyond to accommodate her needs​, even giving extensions when needed to prevent her from facing homelessness again.​ 

​”My host is truly an angel sent from God,” says Quantia. “He cares about me. I don’t know where I’d be without him.”

Quantia can now focus on her future

With her living situation stabilized, Quantia is now focusing on her future. She is pursuing work-from-home job opportunities that accommodate her medical disability, continuing her education in healthcare, and even planning to start a podcast to share her story and encourage others who face homelessness.

She plans to ​live in her PadSplit long-term to save enough money to eventually buy a house, a legacy she intends to leave to her son, ensuring he never faces the ​same housing insecurity she did. Her son, inspired by her positive experience, has also moved into a PadSplit​ nearby while he builds up his own career! Both Quantia and her son are saving money as a result.

​She absolutely recommends PadSplit to others, especially those who don’t have many other options. “I want to get my story out there. I’m a fighter, and I never give up. With PadSplit’s help, it’s never too late to get back on your feet.”

Quantia’s story is a testament to resilience and the transformative impact of finding the right support at the right time. PadSplit has provided her with not just affordable housing but a community and a platform to rebuild and plan for a hopeful future.

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