Smart thermostats lead to energy efficiency

February 06, 2023

Installing a smart thermostat is one of the easiest ways to make your PadSplit property more energy efficient. Energy savings that result in lower utility bills is an important consideration for our hosts. Providing affordable housing for the community while helping hosts earn the highest headache-free ROI is what PadSplit is all about.

Smart thermostats can be locked with a pin to limit the range of heating and cooling. Set this at a temperature that will keep members comfortable while providing energy savings. Consider a thermostat that will work with add-on temperature sensors. The additional sensors can be placed throughout the co-living space, and the temperatures in the different areas will be averaged when determining heating or cooling needs. This will keep everyone in the PadSplit comfortable.

The main requirement for a smart thermostat is a C-wire, also known as a common wire. To help determine if a smart thermostat will work with your existing wiring, both Nest and Ecobee offer compatibility checkers. The only other requirement is a Wi-Fi connection which will provide online notifications, alarms, and usage history.

Reminders for filter changes and yearly maintenance can be added during the thermostat setup. Additionally, low and high-temperature alarms can be programmed to let you know if your HVAC system is having problems. Smart thermostats provide detailed reports of your heating and cooling usage. This can help you address any issues concerning possible drafts and help you understand how energy efficient your property is.

Local utility companies often offer off-peak energy programs that use smart thermostat capabilities, which can provide additional savings. This usually involves preheating or cooling before the peak hours, maintaining the desired temperature while using cheaper energy. If you shift some energy usage to off-peak hours, the utility company will pass the savings on to you.

Before purchasing a smart thermostat, check with your utility company — most offer rebates on smart thermostat purchases. With lost cost and easy installation, a smart thermostat will improve your NOI while keeping members comfortable and happy.

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