Make maintenance and management easy with our Vendor Network

March 02, 2023

When you host a PadSplit property, you’re backed by a team—you never have to worry about scrambling to fix things on your own because you’ll always have the support of our pre-screened, vetted vendors. You have the choice to use your own, of course, but the resources are available to you if you need them. 

The PadSplit vendor network is carefully selected so hosts are guaranteed a reliable, affordable team of help for their rental homes. We make it as convenient and straightforward as possible to host a property and help the community in the process. 

What types of businesses and contractors can I find in the vendor network?

In the PadSplit Vendor Network, you’ll find all kinds of professionals across the country who can help you enjoy a hands off, passive investment, including: 

General contractors

Most properties require construction to make room for more bedrooms and accommodate multiple members. Contractors within the network are familiar with the PadSplit standards and can optimize the property to meet all requirements.

Property managers

Rather than have to be on call for every request and complaint at your property, network property managers are responsible for walkthroughs, cleaning services, monitoring utilities, preventative maintenance, responsive issue resolution, and more. 

Real estate agents

PadSplit continues to grow and expand, determined to place low-income community members into quality homes. Our network agents have the tools to identify a potentially great PadSplit property and know the ins and outs of the current market. 


A necessity for any rental is high-quality photography for a PadSplit listing. It helps capture the layout and look of a property while drawing in potential members who are in search of an affordable place to live.  


Network lenders create an easy process for hosts to finance a property with great rates and fair terms. They are given financing options including bridge loans and permanent debt to make their rental dreams a reality. 

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