Jacksonville: From high-quality living to low-cost housing

January 10, 2023

Our top four reasons to live in Jacksonville

It’s no secret to those who live here: Jacksonville, Florida has beautiful beaches, extensive nightlife, and easy-to-access outdoor activities. 

When you layer in the affordable cost of living and the laid-back atmosphere, it’s easy to see why people love it. 

Jacksonville isn’t just the largest city by land mass in Florida – it’s also Forbes’ #3 pick for best places to live in the state. It was surpassed only by Tampa (which we praise here) and Gainesville. But when it comes to the intersection of size and quality, Jacksonville has both beat. 

If you’re thinking of relocating to a city where you can thrive, here are four of the top reasons why Jacksonville has our vote:

From inexpensive rent to extensive parks, Jacksonville we love you

1. Jacksonville won’t break the bank

From affordable housing to food and entertainment, the overall cost of living (and having fun) is low. In fact, the cost of renting a room in Jacksonville is considerably less when compared to other major cities in the state with the average rent landing around $750 per month. What we love most is that living here means you won’t have to pinch pennies to get by – or miss out on all the extracurricular fun that can rack up a large bill in other cities. 

2. A thriving downtown experience 

This city the locals call “Jax” is brimming with personality (and the youngest population in the state). It combines Southern charm with an array of cultural activities, events, and festivals for a dynamic mix that keeps both residents and visitors entertained year-round. 

Not only does it have a tasty craft-beer scene and an impressive Art in Public Places Program that makes any cross-city trek more enriching, but it also delivers a unique blend of museums, musical festivals, boutique galleries, and performing arts events. 

Even transportation has a twist. The city’s water taxi services offer sunset cruises and river tours, but people also find that it’s a great way to reach the stadium on game day or access the Riverwalk. So hop on a boat, meet some friends, and find out what Jax has to offer. 

3. Inexpensive outdoor fun 

Also called the “River City by the Sea,” Jacksonville is home to more than 20 miles of wide, often uncrowded beaches. In addition to these swaths of white sand, it’s a sprawling system of parks (in fact, it’s the largest urban park system in the nation). 

In addition, there’s a network of multi-use trails and open space developments along the banks of the St. Johns River (called the Jacksonville Riverwalks) that makes a great place to run and bike while taking in the water views and city skyline. 

All this immediate nature at your fingertips means countless outdoor activities to choose from. With everything from camping, hiking, and fishing to surfing, kayaking, and paddle-boarding you’ll have plenty of new hobbies to enjoy and places to explore. Which brings us to our fourth favorite thing about Jacksonville…

4. More sun means more fun

What’s the point of beautiful beaches if you can’t wear a pair of shorts? The answer to that doesn’t matter in Jacksonville! 

With its mild winters and warm summers, you get an average of 221 sunny days per year. For those adverse to winter temps, you’ll appreciate that freezing weather typically happens four days a year in Jacksonville. If you want to dive deeper into average monthly temperatures, you can find them here
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