Ella Saves $1,200 a Month With PadSplit’s Shared Housing Platform

February 26, 2024

Ella H. knew she had to find a new place to rent in Jacksonville, Florida when she became an empty nester after her kids moved out of their shared apartment, where she had the burden of a hefty $2,114 monthly rent. While browsing Facebook, she stumbled upon a PadSplit ad advertising rooms as low as $149/week. Little did she know that this shared housing platform would not only provide her with an affordable living space but also offer a supportive community that she now calls home.

Renting a room with a private bathroom

Ella’s shared housing journey with PadSplit began with a shared bathroom, but she quickly found a perfect fit – a room with a private bathroom. This was especially crucial for her, as she works night shifts. 

“The location is really good here for me. I get home, and all of my PadMates are getting ready for work,” Ella shares, emphasizing the importance of a conducive environment for her unconventional schedule.

I like my PadMates; we keep it nice and clean, we’re friendly,” she remarks. The camaraderie within the PadSplit community adds a personal touch to the shared apartment, making it a positive experience for Ella.

PadSplit’s shared housing platform has also proved to be a financial lifesaver, offering her a substantial monthly saving of about $1,200 after moving out of her previous apartment.

“Maintenance is a 10/10!”

The ease of maintenance is another highlight for Ella. With only one maintenance request for a clogged bathtub in her shared housing property, she praises the quick response and efficient resolution. 

“Maintenance is a 10/10 for me!” she exclaims, highlighting the seamless experience PadSplit provides in keeping the living space in top-notch condition.

Moving her belongings into storage before settling into her furnished shared housing room, Ella appreciates the convenience and comfort it brings. She feels right at home in her Jacksonville, FL, PadSplit, with a king-sized bed and an outside patio to enjoy.

Ella, a resident of Jacksonville since 2001, currently works at Wawa, a gas station and convenience store. She values the simplicity of PadSplit’s payment structure, where one weekly payment covers all expenses for her shared housing. Ella particularly praises the shared responsibilities among PadMates, making cleaning a breeze compared to traditional apartment living.

Living in PadSplit’s shared housing has added tranquility to Ella’s life during the day when everyone is at work. Even with her own car, the proximity of public transportation adds to the accessibility of her location.

Future plans for becoming a homeowner

Looking ahead, Ella has ambitious plans while living in shared housing. She aims to purchase a house in two years; a dream made more attainable by the savings and stability PadSplit has provided her. 

Her endorsement of PadSplit is unequivocal: “PadSplit is a 10/10!” She encourages others to consider this innovative shared housing solution for its cost-effectiveness, convenience, and the sense of community it fosters.

In Ella’s words, PadSplit’s shared housing is not just a place to stay; it’s a home filled with savings, support, and the promise of a brighter future.

If you want to become a PadSplit member today, visit PadSplit.com and begin saving 40-50% on rent each month. Apply today and move in tomorrow.

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