Top Facts about Living in Atlanta

April 09, 2022

Atlanta, GA is a bustling city featuring vibrant diversity, a short drive to the mountains, and a variety of options for affordable housing in Atlanta. Although Atlanta is a big city, it has the charm of a small town. You’ll find everything from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, as well as a robust cultural scene. If you’re considering a move to Atlanta, you might be interested in a few facts about living in the area to help with your decision. Check out everything from who calls Atlanta home to what the job market is like, to find affordable housing. You might be surprised by what Atlanta has to offer.

Atlanta’s History

Founded in 1837 at the end of the Western and Atlantic Railroad line, Atlanta is the capital of Georgia. It is a fast-growing city, too. In fact, according to World Population Review, Atlanta is home to over 500,000 people of all backgrounds, and it ranks 10th in the nation for GDP. Atlanta remains a major transportation hub and is the location of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. This airport is the busiest in the world, offering direct flights to Europe, Asia, and South America. In 2019, 110.5 million passengers came through Atlanta International Airport’s gates. These direct flights have provided international businesses room to grow and expand.

The People of Atlanta

Because Atlanta is one of the fastest-growing cities, the people of Atlanta are diverse, many originating from places all over the world. With all walks of life calling Atlanta home, the city has experienced growth in cultural diversity, including the start of international districts and the third-largest LGBTQ+ community in the United States. According to the NY Times, it is estimated that 4.2% of the Atlanta area is gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Atlanta is one of the most inclusive cities in the nation, and it is proud of its diversity.

The Job Market in Atlanta

Moving to Atlanta offers you a variety of career opportunities. From local and small businesses to large corporations and nonprofits, Atlanta offers jobs for all types of interests. You can find large companies, including:

  • Delta Airlines
  • United Parcel Service (UPS)
  • The Coca-Cola Company
  • Home Depot
  • CNN

You can also find careers in public service at a university, nonprofit, or a major government agency. 

Did you know that Atlanta was also the first city to pay its city workers a $15 wage? No matter what stage of your career you are in, you can rest assured that you’ll make a living wage. For more information on opportunities in Atlanta, check out Georgia’s Hot Careers to 2028 list from the Department of Labor.

Atlanta Offers Higher Education Opportunities

Education and career opportunities are endless during an Atlanta Extended Stay.
Education and career opportunities are endless during an Atlanta Extended Stay.

From prospective students to professors, Atlanta has several top-ranking universities and colleges. There are many public and private school options in Atlanta with concentrations in various degree programs from tech and medicine to art and design. Choose from respected institutions of higher education such as:

  • Georgia State University
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Emory University
  • Clark Atlanta University
  • Morehouse College
  • The Art Institute of Atlanta

Students attending these schools have the opportunity to learn from some of the best teaching faculty in the nation, and students have access to a variety of internships, scholarships, and fellowships. Those looking to put their industry experiences to use as teaching faculty can apply for job openings at these colleges. 

Cost of Living in Atlanta

Moving to any new city requires a clear understanding of the local cost of living. In addition to offering everyone a livable wage, Atlanta’s cost of living is lower than the national average, according to PayScale

Here is what you can expect when you live in Atlanta:

  • Cost of housing is 6% below the national average
  • Cost of utilities is 15% below the national average
  • Cost of groceries is 5% higher than the national average
  • Cost of transportation is 1% higher than the national average

With a lower-than-average cost of living, multiple career opportunities, and a livable wage, Atlanta has a lot to offer. 

Traffic and Transportation in Atlanta

Like many people, you’ve probably heard about Atlanta’s notorious traffic. But while Atlanta is home to “Spaghetti Junction” and other traffic issues, it’s also one of the nation’s major transportation hubs. Atlanta is home to the busiest airport in the world, and it’s the crossroads of several major highways and interstates. Moving to Atlanta means the ability to quickly get underway on an interstate road trip or a flight to anywhere in the world.

However, Atlanta city officials have worked hard to create a good public transportation system called MARTA. It’s also the city’s plan to become more walkable and bike-friendly. Because of the rapid growth of the city, officials and city planners apply keen focus to implementing transportation solutions.

Atlanta’s Sports Scene

If you love sports of any kind, you will love Atlanta. Atlanta is one of the few cities with a professional team in nearly every sport.

It’s home to professional sports teams such as:

  • Falcons (NFL)
  • Braves (MLB)
  • Hawks (NBA)
  • United FC (MLS)
  • Dream (WNBA)
  • Swarm (NLL) 
  • Rugby ATL (MLR)

In addition to the pro teams, Atlanta is home to college sports teams and minor league teams, too. You can also find recreational sports teams that you can join to help you meet people and make new friends.

The Atlanta Entertainment Scene

Explore all the city's entertainment during your Atlanta Extended Stay.
Explore all the city’s entertainment during your Atlanta Extended Stay.

Living in Atlanta means excellent entertainment. In fact, the entertainment industry has flocked to Atlanta to record films, music, and more. Atlanta boasts a large network of production and recording facilities, a highly skilled entertainment industry workforce, the latest production equipment, lots of gaming and interactive media developers, and innovative technology and support services. Come, and experience the rewards of this growing Georgia industry. 

From movies and plays to musicals and concerts, you won’t be bored in Atlanta. To top it off, some of the best chefs and restaurants are in Atlanta too. Dine at a variety of establishments, from southern cuisine to international fare.

Affordable Housing in Atlanta

Moving to another city means you have to find a place to live, which often feels like a daunting task. PadSplit helps you find truly affordable housing in different neighborhoods all over Atlanta. The goal of PadSplit is to make finding and having a home as simple and easy as possible. In fact, more than 75% of our homes are less than a mile from public transit, which means you don’t have to worry about the traffic. All PadSplit homes are furnished, come with free utilities, trustworthy housemates, and a variety of payment options.

With no long-term leases, PadSplit gives you the opportunity to explore neighborhoods, get to know the city, and find the perfect location before you decide to stay for the long haul. Ready to make the move? PadSplit has homes all over Atlanta, and we can help you take the next step to calling Atlanta home.

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