6 places around the world where coliving is the norm

June 04, 2024

Coliving may be increasing in popularity in the U.S. due to the affordable housing shortage, but the concept and practice are already common in other parts of the world. For example, coliving is wildly popular among people of all ages in various parts of Europe. Discover a few of the top places where coliving is the norm and where it’s easy to find.

1. France

France is known for having a vibrant culture and is a prime destination for coliving for those who value community. Paris, in particular, offers a blend of historic charm and modern amenities, making it appealing choice for remote workers and interns seeking a memorable experience.

2. Germany

Berlin has a thriving startup ecosystem and low cost of living, making it a coliving hotspot. The diversity, welcoming culture, and vibrant arts scene appeal to creative individuals and digital nomads who are all seeking a dynamic environment.

3. Spain

Both Barcelona and Madrid have embraced shared housing, which caters to all types of professionals, entrepreneurs, and remote workers who prefer a balance of work and leisure. The Mediterranean climate, rich history, and lively social scenes contribute to their overall appeal.

4. United Kingdom

London, a global financial and cultural hub, has seen a rise in coliving in recent years. Many coliving homes can be found in spots like Old Oak and Canary Wharf. These shared living spaces provide a sense of community and offer plenty of networking opportunities for residents.

5. Indonesia

Bali, with its picturesque landscapes and laid-back lifestyle, has become a popular destination for coliving and shared housing. Coliving is attracting more digital nomads and remote workers who prefer to live and work in paradise.

6. Singapore

Singapore has a great reputation for its efficient infrastructure with newer developed coliving spaces as part of its “garden city” initiative, appealing to professionals and entrepreneurs seeking a sustainable and community-oriented lifestyle. The shared spaces make it easy to stay short- or long-term in the city for locals or tourists.

These are just a only a few examples of prime locations where coliving has gained traction and is now popular. In the U.S., coliving is rapidly expanding as more individuals seek affordable housing. As it continues to evolve and become more embraced, more countries will embrace this housing trend that has deep roots worldwide to provide more community-driven living experiences.

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