3 Benefits of Living in a City While Renting a PadSplit Room

October 09, 2023

Urban living brings more than just excitement – it has scientifically measured benefits, as well. As a central hub for socio-economic power, innovation, and wealth, providing access to the urban core can markedly improve a person’s opportunities for success and improved quality of life. 

While many people associate cities with problems that are part and parcel with the extra amenities, cities can provide numerous benefits that often go unlauded. There are a few main benefits of living in a city that are worth considering when renting a room from sites like PadSplit.

Increased wages and living efficiency

The average resident of a large city owns, produces, and consumes more. Research also shows that the larger a city is, the more citizens see an exponential increase in socio-economic quantities such as wages and gross domestic product. In numbers, this means larger cities experience a 15% growth that departs from what’s expected in linear growth. 

Because of denser settlement and the concentrated development of infrastructure, the space required per person decreases, allowing for maximized efficiency in land use that “often leads to higher-quality services and solutions that are impossible in smaller places.” To illustrate, if a population increases by 100%, a city only requires an approximate 85% increase in the infrastructure, which nets a 15% savings. 

You can also consider developed urban areas “greener” as per capita carbon emissions are lower, reducing the population’s carbon footprint. This makes it possible to make a small environmental impact when you rent a room in Las Vegas or Houston.

The potential for more affordable housing

This economy of scales is something we see reflected within coliving models. With coliving, the costs of living are diffused across multiple residents who rent private rooms in a house that’s been modified from a single-family floor plan to one that accommodates individual renters. 

Urban centers are also more inclined to offer mixed-use, multifamily buildings than their suburban counterparts. This provides access to more affordable housing within walkable neighborhood communities that attract local businesses and help create a thriving community. 

More opportunities for economic specialization

Productivity rates increase from an acceleration in socio-economic activity, and citizens experience an uptick in diversified economic activities. The result is the production of new goods and services that increase efficiency and profits. 

Because of the various ways city living can positively impact a life, it’s vital to make the city more accessible for low-income citizens. Unfortunately, due to rapid urbanization and congested commutes, access to urban benefits becomes increasingly harder. 

In a play to increase affordable housing that circumvents the forces that keep certain groups socio-economically immobile, PadSplit has been gaining national ground with its coliving platform for individuals who want to rent a private room.

Read our member stories to learn more about how we’re helping to change lives and find rooms for rent in major cities throughout the U.S. Whether you want to rent a room in Dallas or rent a room in Miami, PadSplit offers comfortable and modern living spaces. Once you’ve rented a room, you can look forward to having access to more opportunities and living in a clean and setting.

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