5 Steps to Create House Rules

June 22, 2020

Every PadSplit Home has its own House Rules. You can find these on your dashboard, anytime. However, our standard rules don’t address the unique needs of the PadMates living in the home. We encourage PadMate’s to work together to create their specific house rules.

House rules are a great way to establish guidelines and boundaries for people who share a living space. Everyone in the house creates the rules and agrees to follow them. Common house rules include items like cleaning, cooking, and bathroom schedules.

Here are 5 steps to create your house rules:

Schedule a house meeting when everyone can attend.

We know it can be difficult because of everyone’s schedules, but it’s important all PadMate’s are present. Everyone needs to be included since everyone will agree to follow the rules.


Have a list of topics or issues that need to be addressed.

These topics could be who gets what shelf on the refrigerator, parking issues, or common area cleaning. It’s important everyone’s topics and issues are discussed during your house meeting so you can all work together on solutions.


Be democratic.

Everyone in the house gets an equal vote on how issues are addressed. That can make the process a little more difficult but it’s important that everyone agrees. Otherwise, your house rules won’t be followed. 


Determine what happens if a PadMate doesn’t respect the rules. 

PadSplit can’t enforce your house-specific rules. Be sure to talk it all the way through. Maybe someone gets extra cleaning duty if they don’t park appropriately or gets “Call Outs” on the dashboard when they don’t follow the rules. Whatever you decided, be sure everyone agrees to it and holds one another accountable. And don’t forget to talk about “Shout Outs.” How will you recognize PadMates that go above and beyond? It’s important to talk about that, too.

Write it down.

If you don’t write down the rules, the issues, and the consequences it can be hard to remember. Write the house rules on a sheet of paper and have each PadMate sign. Then, place it somewhere everyone can see, like the refrigerator, as a reminder. 

If you need help or support creating your house rules, let us know. We’re happy to help.

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