Double your cash
flow on your rental properties

Join hundreds of real estate investors on the country's largest shared housing marketplace. Improve your return and be a part of the solution to the workforce housing shortage.
PadSplit property example
PadSplit property example
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Boost your Rental Property
Investment with PadSplit.

PadSplit is a housing marketplace that connects property owners with pre-screened residents seeking an affordable place to live. We help real estate investors leverage under-utilized space in their existing properties to make it more profitable for them and more affordable for community members.

How PadSplit compares
We capture under-utilized space to provide more rooms within the same home.
Monthly rent
4 bed 3 bath
Monthly rent
7 bed 3 bath
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How it works
Step 1
Step 1
Schedule a call with us
We’ll get to know you, your property, and share more about the PadSplit process.
Step 2
Step 2
Get your home PadSplit-ready
Our team can introduce you to contractors who will optimize your home for more space — and more income.
Step 3
Step 3
List your home on our platform
We'll put your property in front of potential members, verify identity and income, and perform background checks.
Step 4
Step 4
Start earning
Receive payments from PadSplit, get expert support, and start earning more income for your property.
Mike O.
Host since 2020
“The company’s mission to leverage housing as a vehicle for financial independence is a great one. The best thing about PadSplit is the cash flow, which has far and away been better pound-for-pound than anything else that I've experienced. It’s just fantastic.”
Daryl D.
Host since 2019
“The cash flow is the biggest win. I’ve doubled my net returns on PadSplit properties. It used to be a 30-year plan to pay off a property, but with PadSplit, now it’s a fraction of that.”
Tiffany R.
Host since 2019
“The benefits of PadSplit? It was easy to get started. The communication was great, and the opportunity to create and earn passive income while creating affordable housing for members of my community who look like me has been wonderful.”
Lisa C.
Host since 2020
“PadSplit is a win-win for everybody. It provides low income housing that’s so desperately needed right now while also helping landlords pay their mortgage, taxes and insurance, because that's been the biggest challenge that landlords have had.”
Gavin L.
Host since 2020
“I’ve been impressed with the PadSplit staff and their care and attention to Members. The mission of the company hasn’t been lost two/three layers down, and I see the values have permeated the culture.”
Why you should partner with us
Simplified screening
We advertise your listings, find residents, run background checks, and verify income and employment.
Reduced vacancy costs
We minimize your vacancy costs and increase occupancy rates to provide you with a steady stream of income.
Resident management
We staff a dedicated call center for resolving resident disputes – because we understand that’s the last call you want to field as a landlord.
Let’s increase your
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