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Become a Referral Partner for PadSplit

PadSplit is a new and creative investment option for real estate investors. We’re a housing marketplace that connects property owners with pre-screened residents seeking an affordable place to live. By leveraging under-utilized space in their existing properties to make it more profitable for them, we also create more affordable housing for community members.
Why become a referral partner
Increased returns
PadSplit Hosts see increased returns by 60% or more when they leverage under-utilized space in their existing properties.
Be the local expert
Demonstrate knowledge of a unique and valuable rental offering for your network.
Strengthen your community
Create more affordable housing options for community members while still doing well.
Make more money
Earn up to $1,000 for each new Host referral after their first move-in. No upper limit
Steps to becoming a referral partner
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Step 1

Sign up as a referral partner
Set up your referral partner account to get your unique referral link.
Step 2

Promote PadSplit
Share your unique referral link with any client, investor, or community member who may be interested in PadSplit’s mission and model.
Step 3

Let us handle the rest
We take it from here. Our team handles all communication and onboarding. Once a host referral lists a qualified property, we’ll send you your reward (payouts occur quarterly)!
Common questions
What is PadSplit’s model?
Why and how does PadSplit’s model work?
How long has PadSplit been around?
What should I look for in a home if I find someone who wants to buy one for PadSplit?
PadSplit’s not in my area yet. What should I do?
What’s the referral reward?
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Let us help you earn more money while strengthening your community.
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