Living in a PadSplit helped Diana focus on her business.


Diana is focused on growing her business. Traveling back and forth from her home in North Texas to reach her clients in Houston was becoming cumbersome and costly, so she was thrilled to discover PadSplit, where she’s now lived for five months.

Below is a transcript of our conversation, where she outlines her PadSplit experience.

Q. Tell me about yourself

Diana: I’m originally from Houston. My career is focused in the beauty industry, where I’ve worked for four years.

Q. How did you first learn about PadSplit?

Diana: I was staying in North Texas and was having to travel back and forth to Houston to reach my clients, which wasn’t easy. So I started searching online for rental options in Houston, and PadSplit kept popping up as an option. I saw that they were having an open house, so I decided to visit and check it out for myself.

Q. What did you learn at the Open House?

Diana: At the Open House, I met PadSplit’s Houston manager, Adeel. This guy was so personable, so friendly. He talked about how unique the PadSplit model is. He told me that he’s available to help if I had any questions at any stage in the process. I felt like I could really call on him at any time. That led me to make the decision to give PadSplit a try. That, and the fact that the location was absolutely perfect.

Q. Why was the location such an important factor for you?

Diana: I was tired of driving back and forth, so I wanted a place in the area that would be closer to my work, where I could stay over when I needed to rather than making that long drive. So I kept my place in North Texas at first. The PadSplit location was a 12-minute drive for my job. They also had a really nice park right in front of the home. The reduced commute was a huge help, as it made things really convenient so I could focus more on my business.

Q. What else did you like about the PadSplit?

Diana: I was originally living in the PadSplit part-time, so I could learn about the surroundings. But I liked it so much that I now live there full-time. For me, the sense of community has been really important. I like coming home knowing that the house is full of other people. Being around other and different kinds of people made the whole experience more enjoyable. You really learn a lot about yourself and other people when you’re living with roommates. It’s like being in a family. Of course you don’t always get along or have to be friendly with everyone, but most people are respectful, and I at least try to make an effort with everyone. 

Q. How has living in a PadSplit helped you on your journey?

Diana: It’s so convenient. I love that I don’t have to worry about these little things. Like the hassle of individual utility bills. Or cleaning the home, since our PadSplit Host provides a weekly cleaning service. All the residents can help each other out too with things like taking out the trash. And, I just feel safer coming home to a house full of people. Before, I was living on my own, and I didn’t like that people could see me coming and going on my own. 

This journey, it’s really all about community for me. I mentioned that we have a park in front of the home? They have a church that meets there weekly, so I can walk there and attend those services.

Q. What about financially? Does PadSplit help you with its affordability?

Diana: You know, I have excellent credit so I could choose to live on my own if I wanted to. But the convenience and the less hassle are the most important factors for me. Yeah, I do save more money, and I use those savings to invest back into my business and for my future goals. I’m planning to stay in a PadSplit for as long as possible for all of these reasons.

Q. Would you recommend PadSplit to a friend?

Diana: I definitely would. I’m very happy here and I think it’s an ideal situation for a lot of people. I’ve seen a lot of PadMates who move here from other states or cities, and it’s a great option to move in somewhere quickly, learn the area and meet new people. I’ve even seen some PadSplit members move out and then move back in because they miss the environment. 

If you’re interested in finding a more convenient and affordable option, or are looking for a community like Diana, fill out an application to become a PadSplit Member today. We have openings in Houston and across the country.

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