Newly decorated kitchen!
Sunny eating area!
Microwave, stove and oven.
New washer and dryer!
Two new refrigerators!

Live in Willow Creek, a 3 mins drive to transit stop Crowley & San Rafael

This home is fully booked and all rooms are currently occupied.
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Come book a room at this newly renovated Padsplit located in Willow Creek. Living in this home will give you the comfort and affordability you deserve. With well-maintained rooms, cozy kitchen an in home washer/ dryer, and easy access to shopping and restaurants for your everyday needs- you'll surely feel home the moment you see this house.
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We care about your safety. Here are some of the ways we show it:
We run background checks on all PadSplit Members.
Know how your room locks before you book.
Free transfer within 14 days to a different room or PadSplit.
Washer & Dryer
Rules violation may result in a Membership fine.
No kitchen appliances in bedrooms
Due to the nature of co-living, no guests allowed
Quiet time is observed from 11PM to 9AM daily
No outside furniture allowed
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