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How do I change a current Member’s rate?

Last updated August 9, 2021

Hosts now have the option to change a current Member’s rate. Log into your Host Dashboard, select the Properties tab and click on the property the room you want to change the rate for is in. Scroll down to the room, click on the three dots icon in the top right corner and select “Edit details.” Go to “Name and pricing” and locate the “Increase rate” button under current weekly rate. Change the rate to the desired amount and indicate whether you would like the next occupancy weekly rate to match this new price. Hit “Update and return” when you are done making changes. Please note that prices will update after 30 days of you submitting your change and Members will be notified about this price change until it takes effect. There are rules regarding increasing a current Member’s rates which can be viewed here. Watch this video for a quick tutorial on changing a current Member’s rates.