5 Things PadSplits Can do to Make Every PadSplit Room Feel Like Home

March 24, 2023

Whether you’re selling a product, a service, or a property, those extra touches go a long way. They encourage people to leave great reviews, refer friends, and become loyal customers that return to you again and again.

As a PadSplit host, those details and “creature comforts” encourage members to stay longer, which means less turnover and more reliable passive income. Because it’s up to the host to provide furnishings in bedrooms, here are five ways to add a little extra comfort for members:

Digital locks in bedrooms

Convenience is key. Giving members ease of access to their rooms increases comfort and quality of life. Plus, upscale digital locks imply a high-quality residency with great attention to detail–and demonstrate that you care about members’ safety and security. 


Because PadSplit properties have shared living rooms, having individual storage is key in bedrooms. Whether you supply closets, wardrobes, dressers, or all three, members will feel more independent and organized when all of their belongings have a dedicated space.

Quality mattresses

PadSplit properties are designed for hard-working members of the community. This means a nice place to sleep is a must. Investing in great mattresses (full or queen-sized) for members to retreat to after a long day will help transform your rental into a place people can call home. 

Good lighting

Invest in warm lighting to create a cozy ambiance—your residents will crave their bedrooms at the end of the day. Plus, good lighting is linked to an improved mood and energy level. Be sure to avoid bright, fluorescent lights that feel cold and overstimulating. Also, consider adding task lighting, like a small lamp on the nightstand, so they don’t have to rely only on the overhead light. 

Window treatments

Giving members the opportunity to control the natural light in their rooms is another subtle but valuable way to give them comfort in their own space. From controlling when the sun comes into their room to keeping things cool during hot summer months, window treatments are an easy but very appreciated detail. 

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