How to take part in the built-in community of your PadSplit

June 14, 2024

Remember when “home” meant more than a place to crash between work shifts? At PadSplit, we’ve brought back community with a natural sense of belonging, minus the college dorm drama. While sharing your space is essential, we believe in fostering an environment where shared laughter over takeout and impromptu movie critiques can transform the four walls into a home–and the best part? You get to enjoy it all without the pressure of building it yourself. 

So, how can you enjoy your PadSplit community? Let’s explore.

Break bread, not ice 

First things first – when you’re ready, step out and engage with your PadMates! Instead of awkward icebreakers, you can enjoy laid-back dinners by enjoying dinner together. That new Thai place down the street? Perfect for ordering in. Or maybe someone’s fired up the grill for backyard burgers. Food has a way of loosening tongues and lowering guards; you’re invited to show up and enjoy.

Couch co-op

Sure, everyone loves a quality Netflix binge, but why not make it social? Join in on gatherings in the living room for a show everyone enjoys. Maybe it’s dissecting the latest true-crime documentary, cheering on your favorite Great British Bake Off contestant, or holding back tears through another This is Us episode. Just add some snacks, and voila – you’ve got appointed TV therapy that doubles as bonding time, no planning required. 

Clear the air 

Living with others means sharing spaces, but not shared stress over chores. Instead of passive-aggressive Post-its about dirty dishes, PadSplit promotes open communication. Communicate with your PadMates on the app, or take part in a chore system that doesn’t feel like pulling teeth. Remember, the goal isn’t to point fingers; it’s to high-five when the state of your home brings you pride. 

Celebrate the wins – big and small

Did Aisha land that promotion she’s been gunning for? Did John finally finish that screenplay he’s been discussing since move-in day? At PadSplit, we encourage raising a glass! When you acknowledge each other’s victories, you contribute to an infectious, encouraging atmosphere. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Sometimes, a heartfelt “Congrats!” and their favorite snack from the corner store are all it takes.

Respect the power of a closed door

Here’s the thing: as much as we’re advocating for community spirit, sometimes you just need to decompress solo. And that’s not only okay, it’s healthy! Part of a great living environment is respecting boundaries. If Michael shuts his door and you hear the faint sound of lo-fi beats, save that burning question about his weekend plans for tomorrow. A little space keeps the peace and recharges social batteries.

The new housemate welcome wagon

The first days are daunting, whether it’s school, a job, or yes – moving into a new place. So when a fresh face joins your PadSplit home, channel that empathy! A simple “Welcome Home” note on their door, a heads-up about the finicky bathroom tap, or even a curated list of neighborhood happy hours can ease those new-kid nerves. You set the tone for how they’ll fit into the existing dynamic.

When life happens (because it will)

Jobs are lost, relationships end, and families go through tough times. That’s when your PadSplit crew can be a true safety net. Sometimes it’s lending an ear over drinks on the back porch. Other times, it’s a silent nod of understanding and picking up an extra carton of eggs because you noticed they were out. These moments of genuine support are what turn PadMates into the people you call when life throws curveballs.

At PadSplit, building community isn’t about forced fun or over-the-top gestures. It’s rooted in small, everyday acts of consideration and communication. We create a space where everyone feels at ease bringing their whole selves—quirks, bad jokes, and all.

So go ahead and join in on that low-key game night (Cards Against Humanity, anyone?). Ask how everyone’s week is going when you cross paths in the kitchen. Leave the last cookie for your housemate who had a rough day at work. Ultimately, we don’t define home by an address – it’s about the community that makes you make you feel like you belong there. And at PadSplit, we do the legwork so you can simply show up and soak in the sense of community.

Ready to enjoy your PadSplit community where you can have a place you look forward to coming home to each day? The blueprint is already there and ready for you to enjoy when you do your part to partake in the friendships available in each home.

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