7 Ways PadSplit Stands Out as the Most Convenient Way to Find Affordable Rooms for Rent in Atlanta

September 18, 2020

Combine Atlanta’s interesting cultural history with its southern charm and strong economy, and you’ve got one of the most attractive, fastest-growing cities in the U.S. 

But these perks come with a price tag. And that’s a higher cost of living. 

With tons of jobs and luxury units becoming available over the last few years, thousands of people have flocked to Atlanta — driving up the average price of rooms for rent and practically obliterating cheap apartment options.  In fact, a 2018 study found that Atlanta’s rent increases outpaced nearly every other city in the US. Yikes. 

Luckily, there are still some affordable places to live if you know where to look—and some helpful tips for finding rooms to rent in Atlanta

PadSplit offers a convenient, cheaper way to rent in Atlanta. With modern, affordable rooms available by the week, month, or year,  we’ve made it our business to connect community members to high-quality homes without the high price tag. 

So how does PadSplit work exactly? Read on to learn how we can help you find an affordable room for rent in Atlanta. 

1. PadSplit offers an affordable way to rent rooms in Atlanta. 

Thanks to our smarter use of space and shared common areas, we’re able to keep our room prices lower, saving members an average of $500 per month. How is this possible? Members pay one all-inclusive bill each week,  which covers their room, as well as water, electricity, laundry, and super-fast WiFi. This transparent, predictable pricing means that members get the most affordable weekly room for rent — with no surprises and no hidden fees.  

2. PadSplit puts your flexibility first.   

Life is unpredictable, so a year-long lease doesn’t always make sense. At PadSplit, we let our members rent rooms for as long as they’d like — whether it’s a brief as a week or as long as a year. Every week, PadSplit members pay to continue their membership through a simple portal. So if a new job opportunity arises or something comes up and you need to move out, you never need to worry about penalty fees or lost security deposits. 

3. PadSplit’s rooms for rent come furnished. 

Save your money and skip the trip to IKEA. Every private PadSplit room comes with a bed, nightstand, and dresser or closet to store your clothes. And common areas have all the staples you need. These amenities help members keep their move-in costs low and ensure they’re getting the most affordable room for rent within their budget.  

4. PadSplit homes are in ideal locations. 

As the housing costs rise in Atlanta, finding cheap rooms for rent in safe, central 

neighborhoods can be a challenge. With great inventory all over Atlanta, members can pick the perfect location for their lifestyle. Most PadSplit homes are close to bus lines or main transportation hubs, which means members don’t need to commute two hours to get to their jobs. Plus, we prioritize safe neighborhoods so members don’t have to sacrifice their peace-of-mind to find an affordable room for rent in Atlanta. 

5. PadSplit vets all members first. 

Never worry about living with sketchy or scammy roommates. All PadSplit members are pre-screened and background-checked before they’re accepted into our community because we think it’s important to trust the people you share a roof with. In addition to background checks, PadSplit also conducts frequent surveys to check in on your house and roommate satisfaction and provides resources on how to navigate the challenges that can come with co-living. 

6. PadSplit’s affordable room application is simple.

PadSplit homes are only available to PadSpit members. To apply for a membership, you just need to pay an application fee and share basic information like your name and email. You’ll also need to provide our application team with your social security number and income verification to complete the necessary background checks. Once you’re accepted, you can pick the specific room for rent in the house and neighborhood you like best. And then get ready to move in!

7. PadSplit supports you every step of the way. 

Our support team is here to answer any questions you have during the application process. We’re also happy to handle any house issues that may arise once you’re a member of our community. Members have access to a direct line to our team to answer maintenance or non-emergency questions. Plus, we offer member-exclusive perks with partners like Teladoc and Esusu — making sure our members stay physically and financially healthy. 

At PadSplit, we want to improve where people live to transform how people live — one room at a time. We provide affordable rooms for rent in Atlanta by the week, month, or year, and are committed to ensuring that our members get the best quality homes within their budgets. 

Interested in becoming a PadSplit member and finding an affordable room for rent in Atlanta? Apply today.

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