10 Tips to be a Better Roommate

June 22, 2020

At PadSplit, we know it can be tricky to adjust to living with other people, especially when they start out as strangers. While having roommates can be challenging, it can also be a lot of fun. Here are some tips on how to be a good roommate so everyone can live harmoniously.

10 Tips to be a Good PadMate

1. Be kind and friendly

Introduce yourself to your new PadMate and get to know them. What do they like? What drives them crazy? Building a friendly rapport with your PadMates helps you understand them better.

2.  Communicate effectively

Good communication is essential to happy PadMate relationships. Share your needs and habits with your roommate. Then, explain why they’re important to you so your PadMate can understand where you’re coming from.

3.  Compromise to resolve issues

Your PadMate has unique needs and habits, just like you. Respect them and compromise to find solutions when problems come up. That way, you both get your needs met. 

4.  Clean up after yourself

One of the most common issues that come up between roommates is someone not cleaning up after themselves. Just cooked? Take a minute to wipe the counter and wash your dishes. Trashcan full? Take it out. A few moments is all it takes to prevent conflict later on.

5.  Be aware of your actions

At PadSplit, noise level is one of the most common complaints we get from PadMates. Be aware of your actions and how they impact others. Then, take steps to prevent problems. For example, use headphones to listen to your music and don’t talk on speaker when your PadMate is trying to sleep.

6.  Have regular house meetings

We recommend PadMates get together at least once a month or when someone new moves into the house. House meetings are a great time for everyone to talk through and resolve issues before they become problems.

7. Submit maintenance requests

Kitchen sink leaking? Toilet clogged? Log into your dashboard and submit a maintenance request. It’s the fastest way to get it fixed and helps everyone in the house.

8. Pay your dues on time

If your balance goes over $300, your lock codes may be deactivated and your PadMates will be informed. Be sure to pay on time to avoid issues with PadSplit or your housemates.

9. Respect your PadMate’s space

Don’t go into your PadMate’s room or use their belongings without asking them first. Additionally, if you’re a smoker, do not smoke in the house or near windows. Go outside and smoke away from the house. It’s a little thing that goes a long way towards preventing problems.

10. Assume good intentions

We recognize living with others isn’t always easy. If your PadMate does something that bothers you, don’t assume it was on purpose. Give them the benefit of the doubt and ask them about it. Nine times out of ten, they have no clue what they did bother you.

Bonus tip:  Establish and follow house rule . They’re a great way to make sure everyone in your house respects one another.

Being a great PadMate all boils down to this:  Be respectful and be responsible. If you follow the tips above and have issues that can’t be resolved with your PadMates, let us know. We’ll see how we can help

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