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You could be earning $2,016/mo

Reduced Time & Stress

PadSplit takes away the headaches of finding and screening residents, dealing with collections, and handling routine maintenance.

Increased Profitability

PadSplit partners typically earn 30% - 70% more from their homes on our platform than they do through traditional rentals.


Every PadSplit resident completes a background check and employment verification before final approval and move-in.

How To Start Earning

1 Apply to Be A Partner

Every potential partner fills out an easy introductory application. We'll ask about you and your property, and upon review, we'll schedule a meeting to go through the listing process.

2 List Your Home

Once we've reviewed your property and determined that it fits PadSplit's requirements, we convert your home to accommodate for more residents. After renovations are complete, we prepare your home for occupancy by listing it on our site.

3 Leave The Rest Up To Us

PadSplit manages your property for you. Our model is intended to be accountable to our residents, partners, and the public. We maintain stringent requirements that ensure safety and quality.

"I'm glad I trusted PadSplit with my home. I've seen a 52% increase in profit, and the PadSplit team handles everything for me. I should have done this sooner.
- Stan S. | Atlanta, Ga

Why PadSplit?

More residents means lower vacancy, and lower vacancy means lower turn costs. With PadSplit, it actually pays to be more affordable. We make it possible by making it profitable.

Frequently Asked Questions

After passing an employment verification and background check, residents are given a list of available homes to rent. The residents select which home best fits their preferences and then begin the move-in process.

Water, electricity, gas, wifi.

Current applicable building codes for your homes area. We will walk you through this in our on-boarding process.

So what are you waiting for?

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